Schneeberg offers a specialisation opportunity for Functionwear – sportswear, the fastest growing segment of fashion. For one semester students focus on functional and design innovation. It is expected to study the technological necessities and possibilities and maintain a close collaboration with the partner institute.
The task in summer semester 2019 was to achieve a more convincing image for craftsmanship through designing a modern workwear apparel taking into consideration the ever expanding field of work, for example from the aspect of digitalisation.
W.L. Gore & Associates functional textiles and technologies prove their value in many fields, craftsmanship is one of them. The brand stands for high-tech function and assures premium quality. Gore`s innovative technologies guarantee weatherprotection, high wearing comfort and enables increased performance and optimal safety.
The project aimed to develop future-oriented workwear for outdoor use. The focus was on modern functionality, high-level comfort and a design geared to the career and the target group.
4th semester students developped sustainable concepts for workwear, realised a prototype out of GORE-TEX materials, visualized the concepts and created communication-material for them.

an example of communication material for the product

Students acquired a practical and well-founded knowledge and comprehensive skills in the field of Functionwear. The project partners conveyed the expertise and facilitated a realistic work. The project ended with a presentation and an exhibition of the concepts and Outfits in the München/ Putzbrunn headquarters of Gore.

Presentation at Gore Headquarter in Putzbrunn
The audience could take a closer look after the presentation


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